Event and after dinner speaking

Stewart loves enthralling his audiences drawing on decades of experience creating luxury in wood, a degree in wood science and teaching.

Building from scratch a multi-million £ business that won him the Queen’s Award and the Freedom of the City of London. As an award winning member of Toastmasters International Speakers he is a maestro of interactive and exciting story telling whatever the occasion.

Unveiling a series of exceptional pieces of craftsmanship Stewart explains the evolution of chair making through his uniquely humorous stories.  The inside accounts of dealing with clients from Rock stars to Royalty, plus his distinctive take on historic British heroes and events

On behalf of our Ladies I would like to thank you so much for a wonderful talk last week.
Not only was it informative but your sense of humour made it enthralling

Joan2nd March 2019

Thank you so much for your talk. There was a real buzz around at coffee time and have had some lovely emails this morning. Have a good rest of the week

Susanne 14th March 2019